dōTERRA Essential Oils getting much deserved Recognition!

News Story from Nevada on Thursday, March 5th.

Essential Oils are the real deal.

Pharmaceuticals are laboratory wanna-be’s with a Kazillion Side-Effects.
Can a mist diffusing into the air dry up allergies? Can a sniff off a tiny bottle clear your sinuses? That’s what a group of women are finding out. They’re at a dōTERRA essential oils party.

Diane Roberson sells the oils after seeing the benefits first hand. “I felt like I was getting some bursitis, I rubbed on some Cyprus, I can lift my arm again, it’s great.”
She uses Frankincense, Peppermint and Wintergreen for migraines, Melaleuca for ear infections and wintergreen to help pain.

Patricia Moore has even lost weight using dōTERRA’s “Slim & Sassy.” “I put a couple drops every time I fill up my water bottle and I just drink it throughout the day and I’m actually losing weight which is awesome because it’s been really hard for me to lose weight up until now. A TOTAL OF 26 POUNDS.”

Essential oil parties are happening all over northern Nevada. But the medical community is also taking notice. Northern Nevada Medical Center started a pilot program a few weeks ago. Kaylene Opperman is the director of critical care. She sees the difference essential oils make on her staff. She says they’re less stressed and more focused. And that makes for a better patient experience. “So right now we’re diffusing primarily citrus.”

Leah Leonard-Steckline is the director of behavioral health. She diffuses Lavender and Lemon on her floor. She sees the benefits in her patients, most of whom have Alzheimer’s. “There’s some preliminary research to suggest the essential oils and aromatherapy reduce agitation in our patients. “Oils that have been around since the days of Cleopatra and the city of Petra are now making a huge comeback in the modern world.”

Pharmaceuticals are laboratory wanna-be's with a Kazillion Side-Effects.